The Italian FabLab and Makers Foundation “Make in Italy cdb” was created at the beginning of 2014 by Massimo Banzi, Carlo De Benedetti, and Riccardo Luna. The official presentation occurred on February 14. The date and place, Toolbox in Turin, were not coincidental. It was exactly there, at the headquarters of Officine Arduino, that the first FabLab in Italy was created two years earlier.

The mission of the “Make in Italy cdb” Foundation is to support makers and, in particular, Italian FabLabs, helping them grow as well as helping those who want to open new ones.

We want to create opportunities and give value to a new “Make in Italy”, that is, this emerging patrimony of innovation from the bottom, putting capable people in contact with investors and facilitating relations between those who have an idea and those who have the competencies to realize them. Our goal is to facilitate the emergence of a network of workshops that can collaborate by reaching critical mass on new projects thanks to the value of a digital culture applied to manufacture. And for this reason we believe in the value of education and continuous training above anything else, from children to the elderly: many of our efforts will be directed at making projects in this direction.

“Make in Italy cdb” was created in the wake of the FabFoundation, which coordinates the network of FabLabs at a global level. It is, obviously, a non-profit.

The Foundation is headed by a board of directors made up of the three founders together with Barbara Ghella and Zoe Romano. Massimo Banzi is the president, Carlo De Benedetti is the honorary president, and Riccardo Luna is the executive vice president.

We are collaborating with the association of the same name, Make in Italy, which will nominate its own representative in the directive, just as the FabLabs will do.