FaberLab Varese | Guitars and molds for 3D chocolate: artisans at digital fabrication school

FaberLab Varese is located in via Europa 4a in Tradate, 15 kilometers from Varese. It is a 150 square meter makerspace that was inaugurated on March 21, 2014, thanks to Fondazione San Giuseppe and Confartigianato Imprese Varese.  «We decided not to call it FabLab because the conditions are not right yet to enter into the FabLab network. We have machines, we are creating a community, but the internal self production projects are still missing» explained Mauro Manco Confartigianato Imprese Varese manager. «In addition, ours is a project that is characterized by having an eye especially to businesses than to makers in the strict sense».

faberlab varese

Mauro Manco, Confartigianato Imprese Varese manager

«Our space is created as a project by Confartigianato Imprese Varese, an association of the small and medium sized artisan enterprises in the province of Varese (about 10 thousand associates out of 60 thousand who are present in the territory) – continued Mauro Manco – and it has the goal getting manufacturing enterprises and digital fabrication closer, supporting them in this passage. For this reason, we have created a physical platform, a place to render this need tangible».

Work on FaberLab Varese began a year and a half with a series of preparatory events before it was inaugurated. «But after the inauguration we started strong with courses in design, 3D printing, web communication, as well as with discussions dedicated to coworking». At Faberlab, «all of the initiatives are open (and free, except for theme-based courses and seminars) to enterprises, students, professors, designers, architects, citizens». And the response from these enterprises? «Very positive. Many companies that already do prototypes are deciding to do them at Faberlab, with significant savings».

Among the initiatives that involved enterprises, universities and schools, FaberLab Varese invited Stefano Micelli, the scientific director at Fondazione Nordest, professor of economy at Università Ca’ Foscari, and author of “Futuro Artigiano” (Artisan Future – Marsilio Editore). «We are also organizing with a couple of high school institutions extracurricular activities for students on 3D printing and Arduino. In the fall, we will host Linux Day in collaboration with groups from the area».

faberlab VareseTHE FILM On July 16, 2014 Faberlab had a showing of “Avanti Artigiani” (Onward Artisans): a film that explores the complexities of the artisan world. In 60 minutes, the summary of 50 hours of filming made up of interviews with 22 small and medium sized businesses located between Milan and Brianza. The film, directed by Teresa Sala, was by Andrea Kerbaker and Giovanni Lanzone of the Fondazione Giannino Bassetti, which sponsored the work together with the Chambers of Commerce of Milan, Monza Brianza, Confartigianato Lombardia and Credito Valtellinese.

ARTISANS OF THE FUTURE Among the entrepreneurs involved in FaberLab Varese there is Claudio Sinigaglia who manages a company in Casorate Sempione (Varese) and designs and produces wood products. There is also Gianemilio Gasparri, who has a company in Tradate and recounts how the Faberlab of Tradate will help him in prototyping the pieces that will then be sent for production, with notable savings. And there is Thomas Brusati who, with his site byomusic.it, allows you to create your own guitar, choose the color, the form and its components. And at FaberLab Varese Thomas can realize and test the trial pieces immediately. Then there is the food. Erminio Baio, manages the chocolate shop Ideadolce in Castel Seprio, in the province of Varese. At Faberlab he discovered the 3D printer and now he can print customized molds for his products. Another entrepreneur who frequents the area of ​​Tradate is Stephen Comida real connecting link between the world of business and the makers.

But among the most active entrepreneurs is Riccardo Pietro Visentin, one of the first in the province of Varese, to facilitate the transition from analogue to digital of his business: Riccardo daily deals of 3D Design, Rendering, 3D Printing, Prototyping, training, Sales and Service Rhinoceros and KeyShot at his company Aureaservice. Riccardo is weekly available to companies within the Faberlab to accompany them in prototyping and digital manufacturing projects.

«FaberLab is a place but also an open idea through which many different subjects can approach to new technologies, thanks to the experience of entrepreneurs who have already done,” Mauro Colombo, La Provincia di Varese 14 giugno 2014

ZK-5030 – Laser cutter: mini machine for laser cutting and incisions. Laser cut with CO2 tube, USB port for connecting with computers, high precision infrared positioning system.

3DRAG – 2 3D printers: 3D printer made with a combination of open source hardware by RepRap and a modified mechanism used for increased stability and simplification.

MakerBot Digitizer –3D Scannner: the scanner removes the physical object and transforms it into a digital format with a 3D model composed of 200,000 polygons.

Makerbot Replicator 2X – 3D Printer

At Faberlab it is possible to: rent machines for experimenting and producing. Use tools on the machine shop, use the coworking space, participate in courses, workshops, and seminars, receive assistance from an expert tutor, participate in shared projects, and meet interesting people and enterprises.

The doors of Faberlab in Tradate are open to everyone, from Monday to Thursday hours 16 to 20, Friday 14 to 22, and Saturday from 10 to 20. In order to use the machines it is necessary to reserve a few days ahead of time by writing to info@faberlab.org or calling 0332 256480. The time permitted on the machines is based on the projects and availability. The machines can be used free of charge. Schools can access the spaces in the morning as well by organizing with Fabermaster.



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