FabLab Bergamo | A 3D cross and a spaghetti machine: What a fabulous lab!

FabLab Bergamo is located within the spaces of Patronato Hub, via Mauro Gavazzeni 3, in Bergamo. The association, with no political or religious affiliations, was created in 2013 and inaugurated on 29 April 2014. The first 3D print by FabLab Bergamo was a small cross that was then blessed by Don Davide Rota. A group of professionals worked to create FabLab Bergamo.

Fablab bergamo

Vittorio Paris (on the left) and Barbara Ventura (on the right), co-founder Fablab Bergamo

The co-founders are: Barbara Ventura, architect, Vittorio Paris, engineer and computational designer, Giovanni Assi, accountant and auditor. Active members are: Mattia Agazzi, Simone Branchi, Fabrizio Cornali, Simona Faccioni, Michele Feliciani, Giorgio Lotta, Luca Pasta, Luca Sarga, and Nicola Zana. At the inauguration they all wore black shirts with What a fabulous lab! printed on them.

The Patronato San Vincenzo, is an institution that offers thousands of students who are enrolled, workshops that are simultaneously training and knowledge sharing places.

«The Patronato Hub is a training hub with a series of workshops, woodworking, silk-screen printing, mechanical shop, electrical workshop, car repair shop, which makes our FabLab truly different» stated Barbara Ventura (at the center of the photo).

With two children who were raised amidst Legos, fabrics, cords, screwdrivers, and cardboard, Barbara has always been a maker. After graduating from a scientific high school, she got a degree in architecture with specialization in design in 1998. Her thesis was on the role of the automation of user interfaces. Since 2011, she has been collaborating with the university of Bergamo.
The mission of FabLab Bergamo is to help in the organization of workshops, competitions, seminars, research, courses, ranging from design to architecture, electronic prototyping, the creation of interactive products, and narration through images and sounds. It also acts as third party consultants for prototyping and realization of projects in a way that the results and compensation can be agreed upon between the parties. There is also the curating of activities to create objects and systems for the resolution of problems or for the fablab bergamocreation of works of an artistic nature or for pure fun. And, finally, collaboration with research and scholastic, university and academic institutions.

THE SPAGHETTI MACHINE It is called Extruter and it is a plastic shredding machine that then creates a new thread of the right dimensions to be used as material for 3D printing. The FabLab makers themselves, Davide Azzali, Nicola Zana, Luca Sarga, and Simone Branchi, invented it. And this is how it works: plastic scraps are shredded and reduced into very small pieces that are then melted at 220-250 degrees. They are then pushed towards an extruder that pushes them out in plastic filaments that can then be used as material for 3D printers.

«A FabLab (fabulous laboratory) is a place where brains and hands unite, thought and practicality. This is the world of doing. These are the projects that we are working on: tangible. The term work, for us, is linked to doing» Barbara Ventura, Uncò Mag, 17 July 2014

A Sharebot Ng and a Sharebot Pro have been installed.  A Wasp with cutting machine plus extruder and a delta 40×60 are on the way. Small metal parts and tools for electronics and non (welder, dremel).

The membership card costs 10 euros and lasts for one year. Members can use all of the services offered by FabLab Bergamo.

FabLab Bergamo is open to the public Wednesday and Thursday from hours 18 to 21 and Saturday from 9 to 13. And by appointment on other days and hours, or for consultations and co-design, training.