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Fablab VeronaFabLab Verona, located in viale del Lavoro 2, in Grezzano (10 kilometers from Verona), was inaugurated on 25 May 2014 during RoboVal, the robotics and new technologies fair that is also a meeting and mixing point between students, teachers, researchers, makers, and geeks. What was the first course? 3D modeling with Blender held on 8 July. FabLab Verona is a project by Associazione Innoval, an entrepreneurial reality that unites about 50 companies from various product
ion sectors within its spaces. They are all enterprises that have origins within the territories of Valpantena and Lessinia, areas that are passionate about where they live.

         The team that heads FabLab is made up Alberto Valente, engineer, 28, from Verona, Davide Grobberio, from Boscochiesanuova, Riccardo Bertagnoli, 24, from Verona, Fabio Righetti, from Grezzana, and Mattia Zuanni, 24, from Lugo. Alberto Valente, Davide Grobberio, Riccardo Bertagnoli, and Fabio Righetti all share experiences with Plumake, a startup that aims at developing, producing, and marketing machines for rapid and low cost prototyping. They won the “Crea lavoro” competition held by the Regione Veneto, and were finalists in StartCup Veneto 2013, as well as Business Game Innoval 2013.

Fablab Verona

Mattia Zuanni, Fablab Verona

         «The inauguration was an event within the Roboval event – explained Mattia Zuanni – we invited the scholastic institutes of Verona and even exhibitors linked to the world of robotics. There were over 300 people». Businesses and private individuals have been sustaining the FabLab even before it was inaugurated.

«They have been helping us since April and, for us, they are true fab founders. There are over 100 of them and we gave them all a FabLab t-shirt and a laser designed token». Mattia continued, «the FabLab was created in synchronicity with the businesses of the territory and their needs», and it wants to be «a tried and true work training ground, with the tools of a FabLab, that one can come out of with ideas being realized».

 For Associazione Innoval «FabLab Verona is a workshop that is open to all and where anyone (individuals and businesses) can have access to prototyping an digital elaboration machines (3D printers, cutters, laser cutters, electronics) and not just this. With the creation of this shared space we want to help re-launch manufacturing and offer our young people, and “creative geniuses” in general who distinguish us as Italians, a place where new ideas, new projects, and new products can be created».

Some principle areas to support the current economy of Verona and to develop new businesses have been identified.

Rapid prototyping area where prototypes, which are indispensable for the development of new products by businesses, can be made, as well as those for the creation of new projects for schools and private users.

Woodworking area for the development of models connected to furnishings and architectural studies.

Electronics area where all of the machines and tools necessary for the realization of electrical and electronics projects are available (soldering station, oscilloscopes, power supplies, development kits, microcontrollers, development of printed circuits).

Sartorial area, a small laboratory for anyone who wants to experiment in the clothing sector but do not have the right tools available.


Fablab  Verona

«The inspiration came to us during a faculty lesson. The professor was speaking about the possibilities of developing low cost 3D printers and that same afternoon we began looking for information online, finding very interesting leads with which we could begin realizing our idea. The RepRap community was illuminating for us, thanks to its open source material» the team, Luuk Magazine (21 January 2013)

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