TIS Fablab | The first one in Alto Adige. In Bolzano laser cut and 3D printing for architects and artisans

Tis FablabThe TIS Fablab is hosted by the Techno Innovation Park South Tyrol, better known as the TIS Innovation Park, in Bolzano, Via Siemens 19. The first official appointment organized by FabLab was Arduino Day on March 29, 2014. It was not exactly an inauguration because the FabLab activities had already begun long ago in 2011: in fact, the FabLab in Bolzano has requests for over 50 prototyping services by architects and companies from all over the Alto Adige region. The director of this FabLab project is Walter Weissensteiner, chemist and collaborator with the Development Center for Products & New Technologies at TIS, through which he has also followed students at the provincial professional school Tschuggmall of Bressanone in the development of the international project RepRap, the 3D printer capable of copying the majority of its own parts.

TIS Innovation Park is a space dedicated to founding an enterprise, developing a product, the exchange of knowledge and technology and the

Tis Fablab

Walter Weissensteiner, TIS Fablab project manager

creation of networks between enterprises in various sectors: foodhealthenergy and environmentalpine technologies (wood, development, sport and winter tech, civil protection, and alpine security), and free software & open technologies. The partnership includes the participation of the Autonomous Province of BolzanoCity of Bolzano, and the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano.

TIS Innovation Park is also an enterprise incubator, currently hosting 23 innovative startups that have facilitated access to technologies for the construction of prototypes. «TIS Innovation Park – stated Walter Weissensteiner – is a public entity that has existed for 5 years and was created from a fusion of a network of companies that already existed and from the Incubator of enterprises that celebrated 15 years of activities last year. Among the novelties in recent years, its prototype laboratory is transforming quickly into a FabLab».

«At the moment the FabLab machines are being used, above all, by architects and artisans to print models or to cut something with the laser» added Weissensteiner. The FabLab at TIS is open for everyone: from students to designers even researchers or hobbyists. «Everyone can realize their projects here – he continued – whether it is a 3D printing of a battery holder or an incision with the laser of a marble plate or a wood cut. The only condition is that the user, after an initial introduction, works autonomously».


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Tis Fablab


The FabLab at TIS is equipped with a laser cutter: Trotec Speedy 400, 60W CO2. With a 100 x 61 cm working surface, it cuts plywood (max 6mm), Plexiglas (max 10mm), cardboard, and paper. As well, it can be
used to etch wood, glass, rock, leather, varnished metals, and anodized aluminum.

There is the 3D printer GRRF Protos (RepRap self-constructed) that allows for a maximum size for objects of 20 x 20 x 10 cm (ABS and PLA are available free of charge).

There is also a mini-milling machine Roland iModela for work volume: 86 x 55 x 26 mm. It can be used for soft materials (balsa wood) and raw PCB. Electronics: Arduino-Starter-Kits are available with assembly materials in English that follow step-by-step the construction of 15 projects.


Online enrollment at walter.weissensteiner@tis.bz.it.


From Monday to Friday, hours 9 to 18.


Walter Weissensteiner of TIS Innovation Park.


Telephone: 0471 068000